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So :icondespereaux-7: wanted me to do this 'ere 'Tagged' thing.
Since I already sorta ish did one of these, I'll refrain from taggin' ^^"

Ten facts eh?

1. I love my belly; it's not too big, but it's big enough to be a belly and I can drum on it and it is something I can hold.
2. I Love looking at nature, the sky and all of it. I also love rain and standing in the midst of thunderstorms!
3. Sadly, although I like staring at the sky, I can't; When I look at the sunny sky for a bit I sneeze, and can't look anymore.
4. When I was small, I actually slightly enjoyed the smell of my farts, they were usually accompanied with humor and comfortable to breatheSomething I can't say about smoke.
5. I have a single lamp connected to my table to light up my entire room (no ceiling lights.). This works because my walls and ceiling are white and white reflects all colors, thus lighting up my entire room by reflection.
6. I intend to become a geneticist that builds further thowards the genetic manipulation of the human Genome. There is just so much possibility there!
7. I think a lot. A lot of that time that I spend thinking I think about others and how I can best react to them/do something for them with the most positive outcome. (you can shove this under being worrisome)
8. My entire reason for happiness is the fact that I exist and never had to ask for it. Here ya go, free infinity!
9. My mind is a wee bit fragmented at times, and it manifests itself in different ways on different times.
10. I solve problems that I don't need to solve, such like which are name plates for floors in my building that were missing. But also things related to fact 7.

1. How are you today?
after making half a test (Genetics. At first it was put in two parts on two dates. I failed the first part, didn't do the second because it was to busy near that dat with other tests I didn't want to fail. Today was the redo, I actually had to do both parts but I just did the first in the hopes that next year I only have to do the second part.. mostly because I didn't understand most anything from the second part today. Chances are big that I'll have to do both parts next year either way ¦:l) I tried to go study but a friend of mine was sitting next to me with 9gag because she was done for the year. So I went "home" instead and tried to study there, which turned out to be dismal because it was sunny and a "naturist" interest flew over me so I just sunbathed in my room (4th floor).
I ate quite the food though (Green beans, brocoli, cauliflower and red potatoes with noodles, lumberjack steak and hamburgers)
I've enjoyed the internet, the music old 'n new, the liveliness of people I don't know aaaand I studied a little.
So I'm not entirely content with how I did my day, but it wasn't perse a bad day.
Eventhough I didn't learn what I wanted to, I learned other things atleast.

2.What is your favourite food?
My mothers Lasagna, the way she used to make it. Nowadays, she still caaaan make it the way she used to but usually she does it differently, trying new things. although that isn't necessarily bad, It just doesn't get any better that how it was. There isn't another person I know that does it like she does, even if there are other great lasagnas out there.
Other than that, there is a certain mix of Brazilian food I quite like; White rice, blackbeans 'n pork (Fejiouada, spelling might be wrong) and some kind of maizepowder with small bacon thingies and lots of nice spices (I wish I remembered what it was called..)
It's delicious, mmmmmmmmmmmmhmmmmmm...

3. How often do you check your dA messages?
More often then I ever need to. It ranges from trice in a half hour or less to once in two hours but that hugely depends on what I'm doing with my time at that moment. In most cases, I check too often, but take long enough on writing and checkingmy replies (in sufficient amounts of cases) to make it seem like I didn't see it immediatly.
Although I don't always respond the moment I see a comment, and sometimes I let a comment simmer in my mind before I react.

4. What is your favourite fictional character? (not your own)
That's a hard one.. And if it weren't that I believed that God was real I could've put him here :P
But currently I'm quite fond of this Character called "Duane" from the webcomic "Unsounded".… <- this one. It's awesome, go read it (:
(I'm pretty sure that, weren't I not sleepy now, I would've given a 'better' answer. A more factual one perhaps.)

5. Who is your favorite out of your own OCs and why? And please include a link to them!</b>
Thaaaaat would be Luminous, or Lumi. Sadly, I've never written him out, but I daydream enough to keep him alive and growing. Basically, Luminous is the God of planet Eursa. Planet Eursa is an ever shifting planet, hollow with (for now) diamond cogwheels in it spinning by the force of Luminous. The cogwheels are directly under the plates that shift on command by luminous, which is to say every random amount of days or years the planet looks completely different. Luminous is a humanoid fella with accents of a lion. He shines a gold light and with it he provides the light and the heat for the planet 
(with the end of his tail). The light is essentially reflected by the dark destructive cloud around Eursa that looks like a night sky. Usually Lumi resides within the planet. Luminous's character is entirely made to fit the purpose of building events and situations on Eursa so that the greatest stories arise. He has good sense of humor, but little to no regard for human life etc. when it comes to making the best story. And making stories (and telling them to kids)  is all he does, and what he does best! (Obviously I would've done him on 4.</u>, but I couldn't.)

6. Where is one place you would love to travel?
Soooooooo many places.. I would love to go to the bone church in Prague! or to Tierra Del Fuego.. Or to those hexagonal rocks on the shore of scotland (I think?), maybe to hawaii to see an exploding volcanoe... Or to the Naked City - Cap d'agde in France! (It's a naturist/nudist town, as Naked City implies). But at the current, the place I'd like to be most would be the mediterranean sea, just in a boat that gently goes up 'n down with the sun shining telling me I can relax and that vacation really finally came in all it's splendour and glory. No more tasks, no more anything.. just time to take in the athmosphere and let it go through my empty mind as I smile at the sun baking me gold'n brown.. *deep breaths*
*plunges in the water*

7. What is the strangest dream you've had?
Ehm.. considering you've put up this question, I hope you're ready to read because I remember dreams pretty good sometimes.
This is one of the weird ones, and not a little weird too.. (I even remember a melody that came in it, but giving you A minor's wont help you probably ^^" - It's good I wrote it all down though, might've been a bit confusing otherwise.)
The first thing I chronologically remember is being in some hilly suburbs with roman style brick-housing and 2m x 3m big blue windows (the roads for walking in between houses were kinda zigzaggy spiky up and down, but straight). Me and some dude that I didn't know (he had curly hair like I used to have, short. He had a big head. I never saw him face to face, only from the corner of my eye) were making car sounds when we suddenly learnt we could fly like podracers from starwars. What it looked like was basically, we lied down in the shape of a lobster (arms bent but forward, legs straight) and hovered over the ground with our bellies facing the ground. (By the way, we weren't making car sounds with our mouths, it was just there but we made it. It sounded like a muscle car too and very realistic). I remember that this kind of flying was really strange to experience contrary to other dream-flying mechanisms because I had to tilt myself to turn down the small corridors and as I tilted my entire vision would tilt with it. Not only that, but the feeling of gravity itself would tilt with it aswell, even though gravity was maintained. After a while I would meet my best friend fo life, George. At that time I was walking again, and George wanted to show me something cool. He said he could ride the air (like we did, but he didn't know better). However, he started to sit straight up in mid air and started to move around slowly, like he was riding an old style car. Seeing it you could almost hear the "Put put put" from the exhaust xD. He even had to use to clutch to switch gears, which sadly didn't effect his speed at all! Having just flown around as a podracer, I just had to set this straight with him. We flew around like podracers for a while when unnoticed the area changed, but we were still racing. We were in a castle now, built like a legoracing game, but not of lego. I felt like I had done this level far too often (first time, heh) and went around to look for secrets as I flew like a podracer (but slowly, which is even weirder, although by now the vision had shifted to thirdperson view). So I went into this seemingly dead-end room with this huuuuuuge bookcase (dark brown with colorful books.. the cliche fantasy bookcase. Except it was huge, and a wee big angled but you wouldn't notice fro mthe front.) At the top of the bookcase was an suspicious octagon, that you normally wouldn't notice because the doorway wouldn't show as much and usually most people would've backed away from the room by then. As I flew to the bookcase it seemed to look more like a ramp and I could go vertical to the octagon. A SHORT -CUT, WOOHO- if not that it was a very precise thing to go through. Sadly I didn't manage and bumped into the edges of the octagon again and again, but in the daydreams of my dreams I could see it work. A little while later we found ourselves (we being me, George, a dude that looked like a less-black version of a black friend of mine and I think a fourth fella) driving a bigger "phantom" car driven by George (felt like a hoodless hummer) through a city with many tall skyscrapers. It was dark and stormy and after driving a little bit I noticed tornadoes spawning. The skyscrapers slowly revealed more and more till there were about 11 of them. We turned the car around and started walking when out of nothing - like the gasses of air assimilated themselves - a creature spawned. It looked a bit like ( ). He was small though. Ever since we started walking we had these awesome equipments, like Final Fantasy 7 style Soldier 1st class costumes and I had a modern combat battle vest and awesome dark blue metal gloves and I punched the monster as it jumped me. I however, punched through it as if it were a ghost. Instinctively I knew that only a few handpositions would work on the beast. However fancy as that may have been, instead I picked it up (1st person again) and placed it in an enchantment screen, as if the beast was an item. Before enchanting however, I closed the enchantment screen - which teleported me to a richly adorned, mahogany a red 'n dark forest painting and all that jazz mansion. I opened the enchantment screen again and enchanted my gloves with the beast (which oddly enough both had the "Poison" attribute) and turned the gloves a light blue with a little glowiness to them. Now the dream became fragmented (my mind was clear, but it just broke down till it constructed again). I was now playing a streetfighter-like game with George. Me and him were both playing as two sacks of dorito's chips fighting each other. Also, there are no chips in the dorito's sacks, they were filled with gummy bears. The goal was to amass as much gummybears of victory on your side that it reached the top of the screen. My vision was initially of the tv screen, but as I am a curious semi-lucid person in this dream, I looked around in the nothingness of space where I and George were gaming, which I did in third person more like a camera going out of control of my own body (as I could see it was still playing). We were playing on a nintendo 64 I think? The dorito bags attack as you might think. The first thing we did was jump into one another and explode into gummybears xD. After getting the hang of it in the second round the game became 3 dimensional, and there was this outward sticking platform where the screen should be. I jumped down upon it and found a cave with torches, but it was very dark. As I walked through the hall/cave the doritos bag turned into link.. or someone looking like him. and I found myself in a hyrule-like field which was huge. The background wasn't fit for the size of the map and you could see part with clouds and then suddenly grey. I had a sword and a lot of other link-like equipment already, although what exactly I don't remember.. I had the ball 'n chain from Twilight princess I think. At the end of the field there was this huge dark castle. There were enemies in the fields, but I didn't get any time to see them because the enemies on the castle had the ability to grab me from across the map (which made me think that these creatures weren't made for this map). It was a bit like the force. And when they had me they'd just throw me away again. I can only explain these beings as dark purple chubby bigheaded silly-faced open skulled beings with long thick blocky fingers.. except for their leader. Their leader was mostly similarly built, but he had the face of someone who was sick of everything with a standard emo-hairdo. His head was round, compared to the ovalshaped headed minions. They flung me around between then a few times untill I was thrown onto a broken tower with many of the minions. It felt like a boss fight, and as I was rummaging through my stuff trying to figure out what to do about it.. I woke up.
And this dream is more that questions 1 - 6 put together. Geez. This is one of the oddest dreams I remember!

8. What is your favourite movie and/or book?
I don't read many books, but I think that "The Chronicles of Narnia; Voyage of the dawn treader" is one of my favourites. That with another dutch book I got, but the title wouldn't help you much anyways ^^"
My favourite movies would be The Iron Giant, Treasure Planet, Leon the professional, The Maiden Heist and The Green Mile.
I can probably name more, but I'll just stop there.. jep.

9. What is something about you that we might not know?
I have spent a great deal of effort in my youth trying to make the lives of others better specifically in a way so they'd never know I did it. Nowadays, I seem incapable of doing it with such an efficiency as I used to be able to and I miss it dearly, however not being able to do so has made me a more social person in general because I had to switch tactics.

10. What is you favourite time of year?
I think I prefer vacation time, but I'm not sure.. Sometimes vacation can be mindnumbing and the days seem to fly by (they don't ,but it seems like it when I look back everytime during the vacation) while during the working days you can have a day in which you do tremeandous amounts of things, have schedule for waking, working and sleeping and get to feel that efforts pay off.
Then again, summer offers the chance for enlightenment in my own pace while working days are STRESS and force you into events of enlightenment which are both positive and negative because there might be a rare case where I'm not mentally prepared, but positive because it shows what I am made of and what I can work on. I just need to learn to add a sleeping rhythm and to do something productive during vacations and then they beat working days any day.


Jefferson J.J.K.
Why hello there, munchkins!

Art is but a wee hobby of mine that I train to finally put my unbridled fantasies with pen (usually pencil) to paper.. and to finally draw my vision of beauty.
I study to become a geneticist, to enhance the human genome! For there are many possibilities left to uncover for us and they could, under the well trained eye, become very VERY beneficial. I wouldn't like that chance to go to waste!
Beyond this I am a most happy fella who tries to make as many happy as I can by either helping them directly or trying to teach them (indirectly or directly) values of life that make one decide to be happy.. for in the end only you can make yourself happy.

Should you find my age relevant to your interests, I was born on the 8th of January 1994. Go deduce my age from there.

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