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I felt like puttin this here. Don't be suprised (or well, if you wanna.. I won't stop you) about it being A LOT.
*This dream has been had in one session without interruptions.


The first thing I remember was seeing a field with grass from the sky in a diagonal angle. I saw a game interface (light blue) and the field was set up in squares lined off by small pathways that connected to a broader pathway of dust/sand. It was sunny out. I was "playing" this "game" with Olof in the body of a mix of Olof and Sven (both my brothers) combined. The mix also seemed to have an effect on Olof's balance in emotion and he was easier going for me like Sven would be. In my interface I could select a variety of generic zoo-animals and there were other tools too though I didn't even look at those. Me and Olof quickly just jokingly selected only elephants and chose to walk the grounds. I remarked how the visitors would come from far and wide to see these elephants (Of which there was now one in every square) and the poop they'd make we could sell as fertilizer. The elephants were, albeit very realistic, extremely static. The just stood there in their squares. I wondered if someone came to collect the poop or if they went to the potty themselves, because I felt like they did but there wasn't an inch of flattened grass around any of the elephants. Like, maybe they moved when I didn't look. Further down the thicker part of the road was a small building that looked like a generator-shack. It had a stair-like ditch besides it where the poop would go and the ditch ended in a tunnel. Me and Olof (and some random kids, two boys and a girl) decided to go adventure down the poop-tunnel. yyyep.

Down the poop-tunnel we found a school, which for the first few floors was actually quite clean albeit in state of dissarray and dust and spiderwebs and such covered it. A few more floors down however, the floor was covered in mushy diarrhea from the elephants (must've been given too much water, eh.). Olof was up front, drudging through it while I tried to climb the bookshelves. I broke a few, but didn't fall and found out it was best to hold onto the places where the screws were in the wall instead of the planks themselves. My brother Olof, now more grouchy than first sounding more like himself in a bad mood, told me not to do that because the kids were doing what I did and they would probably fall and hurt themselves (not to mention the poop). Also, he didn't want me to damage the place anyfurther, so druging through the poop I went. at the end of this floor, however, I noticed a cave-like entrance, which I will call a gate from now on, which had an entirely different athmosphere from the dark poop-dungeon I was in (Which didn't smell by the way!). As I looked into the frame, showing a castle, the gate quickly went over me to bring me into the new dream.

Standing in this castle made of bare grey brick, I knew immediatly what was afoot and lots of knowledge was readily available. The gate, with Olof and the kids, I could still feel humming in my back, and I felt the previous dream still there.. although it is only now that I noticed this. The castle-part where I was was shaped like a flattened pentagon and had an opening in the middle like a plaza of sorts. The textures of these dreams were remarkably gorgeous by the way! The air was moody and there was a slight mist. I also noticed I didn't look like myself anymore; instead I looked like a young man without any hair on me chin (or luscious curls ):) short hair, a red, finely adorned robe (I was a wizard indeed, huzzah!) and a more slim-style frame. The situation I was in is as follows; I was at one end of the building, but I had to go full circle to meet my family. However, the building had been sieged by generic orcs and goblins for some time so my family had few guards. These guards didn't know me and they'd know better than to let their guard down during the calm of the storm. I had to be sneaky enough to meet my family first so that I wouldn't be seen as a sneak attack and get mushed by those that I'd like to help. I sneaked through the rooms, until I met the first guardian; The Barbarian. He was a very muscular man, sculpted chin with a fine beard and a knot/small ponytail on his head. He was bare chested and wielded a two-handed battleaxe. He was also wounded, and leaned against the doorframe. The moment I noticed this I flew to his aid, to see if I could help any. The honesty of my intentions must've gone from that to him, for first he flinched but soon relaxed and pointed me beyond the doorframe he was resting against. He seemed a very wise man. I walked onward, unable to help him, and saw in a glimpse of a doorframe the other guardian. A female acolyte  or clerc/joker. She was blonde with short, somewhat wild hair, and wearing mostly white. She had long sleeves that weren't connected to her dress that ended in a skirt. She was wary of my presence but took no action, her face speaking volumes. After another room I ended up in a room my mother was resting in. She lay on a two-person hospitalbed with next to her sitting on a chair, Sven. I immediatly ran to her to hug her (to which I now wonder how they recognised me if I didn't look like myself). Sadly though, she could barely move and was quite a bit away so the hug I gave wasn't as satisfying as I'd have hoped (clavicle hug, no heart-heart interaction). I don't know what I might've said to my mother, but I began talking to my brother afterwards. We jokingly started a dialogue on me being captured by the orcs, but me being eternally annoying by talking on and on and on. They woudln't be able to knit my mouth shut and any adhesive, like tape, would just fall off. Nobody would want to buy me and even though they wouldn't feed me I was immortal anyways so they were to be perpetually cursed with the magical chatterbox. We laughed a good bit, and I'm sure you might've too if I remembered the dialogue correctly ^^"

After this, I took my time to look around the place. The room the Acolyte was in I could now see better, and she sat on a two-person bed with soft, dusty dark-green sheets and a light green rim. There was a window and a bookcase with green and yellow books in them that were proper kept and inlined with gold. The Barbarian was there now too, as he sat, closer ot me, on a thick pillow of sorts. The Barbarian looked worried and the Acolyte still had that unfriendly face thowards me. They may or may no have had a carpet. heh. I scuffled onward, and somehow (don't remember how) found myself down a large set of spiralling stairs that circled around a large circular diningroom. The diningroom was finely adorned and put up an entirely different athmosphere. Although the floor was lined with a red velvet carpet, the tables were nicely covered and the food looked great.. there was this small back feeling of deceit. There were lots of people "chatting" with the food, which sounded like generic resaurant background noise.. I can't vouche for actual conversations. They seemed a bit like they were talking like speakers, instead.. not moving their jaws for the sounds they produced but jet showing different emotions. The Diningroom had a large opening from just where the staircase ended to the other side of the room. The opening was held open with a few large columns made of brown stone. Through the opening one could see a flying island in a golden/black cosmic athmosphere.

Anyhoo, there was this one guy in the Diningroom, which I'll call a "Death Dealer" from here on, that was a most peculiar humanoid. I call him humanoid because he had certain dismorphisms and didn't act very cultured. ("Dood Doener" is the term I got from the dream for Death Dealer, real cheap name, mmhm) The Death Dealer was very skinny, bald decently long nose, walked very crickety and felt like touching everything he thought was interesting, prying and poking them with his long fingers. His fingers doubled in lenght for each digit, and the finger tip was thicker than normal, softer too. His movements (crickety) were very static, bit bird-like. He was a very odd fella. We didn't give him much attention at this point. Also, at this point, my father had joined me (my mother was oddly walking along too, now that I think of it.. WHAT WAS THE HOSPITAL BED 'N ALL THEN FOR.) Sven was along too and somewhere Olof must've have been, but I'm not sure. We had to cripple our enemy, the ones who sieged us, which was where the third guardian came in. It was an asian woman with long black hair, and a white robe. She could fly and my camera/view was currently following her as she went to the island floating in the golden/black cosmic area. The island was adorned with greeklike ruins, and we were to defeat the mages of the dark side which were on it. There were three. With the camera now focussed on her, the asian woman summoned her nature powers, which visually manifested themselves as the mark of the bountiful tree behind her coloring her robes and the leaves making a regal high collar behind her head, power of thunderstorms as a boa around her arms and neck and the power of water as a slight luminant mist around her ankles and feet. She combined these powers and threw them at the camera which switched back and forth to three different positions after her doing the action three times on the three different targets. The "attack" she made was something looking much like the mist, but like flying luminant pearly baubles in a hexagonal pattern forming themselves in a tunnel. The tunnel shaped into a heart about one meter before hitting the target, which was instantly smitten with love and K.O.'d by the awe of the beauty. As she manifested her powers, she grew very old very rapidly for a short moment until the powers were fully manifested. The first target was a wizard wearing only black, the second was exactly the same as the first (only now a different position on the island) and the third was on the exact opposite position of our fine guardian.. but it was not a wizard. It was comic-relief. The camera angle showed a large coal-black steamtrain, floating very stabily in the cosmic athmosphere as it just stopped with the cow catcher on the island. Climbing from the front of the train were three comically drawn and 3-D rendered characters, of which one dog, a woman and noone other than Tintin, which got hit square in the face and K.O.'d. The woman and the dog happily came with us (the dog was not Bobbie, tintin's dog. It was a strange mocca 'n white colored dog with a beany head shape). The following transition from the island to the diningroom felt especially cheap; They (Plus somehow us, as we were there somehow) simply walked down from out of my camera/vision range, to which the camera/vision switched back to the Diningroom and we all walked happily into camera range again, so avoiding any logic as to how we got to the island or came back at all.

However, having come back, I suddenly noticed most of the people there were suddenly very interested in one of our characters (It might have been a child, or the dog I'm not sure) and they all began to move very crickety like the Death Dealer, revealing themselves to be one themselves. Some still had their old clothes/richperson masks on, others were already like the first one I had seen. They all amassed on our poor new companion and I felt disgusted at their lack of culture/respect etc. So, I went to a piano nearby and started playing a song I recognised (back then I recalled it being from one of my older repertoires, but that I haven't played it in a loooooong while. I don't recall anymore which song I played in the dream.. just that I love it. ):) but differently so that they couldn't copy it entirely, ofwhich I was certain they could. That way I could distract them another time should It be necessary. My companions left up the stairs and I stopped playing so that I wouldn't be ambushed. We then left via the stairs and the comic woman talked with the dog (which didn't reply, maybe nodded) which she deemed a good listener and thus she was very happy. The Barbarian opposed silently, knowing the dog didn't understand shit.
And I never got to see the end of the stairs because I woke up right there.

But that might actually be better, since this was already quite long as it was.. hehehe. I quite liked this story. Even if it was quite gloomy mostly, I was very happy throughout it all.
I was so happy I barely noticed that my mother was in a hospital bed at all. I was just happy to see her again. And there were jokes everywhere..
And that power transition of that asian woman was so cool! I should draw it.. perhaps.. And that Barbarian. I had such respect for the guy.
And although in most parts my dream was very cool and the textures were amazing and such and I like the story, there were times my dream was being very cheap and I wonder if that was for comical effect or not :P
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Jefferson J.J.K.
Why hello there, munchkins!

Art is but a wee hobby of mine that I train to finally put my unbridled fantasies with pen (usually pencil) to paper.. and to finally draw my vision of beauty.
I study to become a geneticist, to enhance the human genome! For there are many possibilities left to uncover for us and they could, under the well trained eye, become very VERY beneficial. I wouldn't like that chance to go to waste!
Beyond this I am a most happy fella who tries to make as many happy as I can by either helping them directly or trying to teach them (indirectly or directly) values of life that make one decide to be happy.. for in the end only you can make yourself happy.

Should you find my age relevant to your interests, I was born on the 8th of January 1994. Go deduce my age from there.

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